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Trellises Can be Customized to Fit on Top of Your Fence or Gate


Custom trellises and garden arbors are a unique means of enhancing your landscape and providing functionality.

Envision a beautiful wood trellis design that is customized to fit on top of your new wood fence, or to provide an accent and additional support for a gate.

An arbor or custom trellis can be designed to:

  • Create a boundary or privacy barrier from neighbors
  • Support climbing vines or plants for complimentary aesthetic appeal
  • Provide a screen for your deck or outdoor living space
  • Conceal storage areas for patio furniture and cushions

Bring your design ideas and plans for garden arbors with gates, wood lattice or wood trellis plans to Seattle Fence Company. Whether it is a simple or ornate design, we can provide the perfect landscape enhancement for you!

Entry Gates or Garden Arbors Add a Touch of Class to Your Landscape


During the early Renaissance period, a combination of pillars and beams were used to provide a shaded passageway to romantic gardens.

Today, those pillars and beams are arbors along the pathways to your gardens to become amazing focal points in your landscape! In fact, an arbor can be used in combination with trellises to define the entrance to a side yard to make it a destination.

These are a few ways in which garden arbors with gates and trellises can add a touch of class to your landscape:

  • As a structural element for vertical plantings
  • To frame an entryway
  • To add height to the garden
  • As a charming addition to your patio or outdoor living space

We can also combine a series of arbors to create a dramatic garden area and a sense of enclosure. By adding a wood trellis to your garden that is crowned dramatically with floral climbing vines, you can enhance your garden theme and create a classic vignette.

Bring your arbor and wood trellis design ideas into us and let us develop them into working plans to create a landscape that looks amazing all year long!

Are You Ready for a Wood Trellis or Arbor? Call the Experts!


Trellises with wooden fences or screens are a perfect means of turning your backyard into a private getaway.

We can create the perfect scene for visitors to your outdoor living spaces with a magnificent wood trellis design.

These are a few additional ways to add focal points or useful areas to your landscape with garden arbors and trellises:

  • Incorporation of a long sectional trellis for potting and gardening projects
  • Garden arbors with gates allowing visitors to enter your outdoor living spaces
  • Series of wood lattice screens as a backdrop for a seating area
  • A trellis backdrop for a pub or café table and chairs

Call Seattle Fence Company – the experts in custom-built garden structures that will add a touch of class to your landscape! 206-763-3433